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Website Small Print Package

Website Small Print Package

We offer a website small print package to give governance for both SMEs and large corporates. This includes terms of use, a privacy policy and a cookies schedule, which are the three essential elements for making sure your website terms are watertight and up to date.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use are essential to limit the liability of your website. They make it clear who you are on your website, what you are responsible for and whether anything you say should be taken as professional advice or opinion. To be watertight they need to be specific to your business, the activity on your site and the countries you work in.

Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy gives clarity around the handling of personal data – that’s data which has been collected, stored, processed, transmitted or deleted through your website. It is also needed to comply with GDPR.


European law requires that you list all cookies which are collecting data on your website. These might be analytics cookies collecting information about users such as their location and the pages they are visiting through to third party cookies that collect more detailed user data.