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Social Media Law

Keep Your Business Safe

Social media is a vital part of the marketing mix and making sure that the ground rules are in place is vital for a businesses reputation. We offer advice on content, account ownership and restrictive covenants to keep corporate social media accounts in safe hands.

Training on Best Practice

We help companies create practical social media policies and provide training on best practice to protect your brand. This way your employees have a clear steer on your company’s expectations around:

  • How staff should refer to their employer on social media.
  • What sort of posts employees can post or share.
  • Minimising the risk of inadvertently sharing business critical information.
  • Who owns corporate social media accounts, contacts and connections.
  • Confidentiality, NDAs and business critical information.
Marketing and Advertising Issues

We also offer advice on issues around marketing and advertising on social media. Including:

  • Adhering to advertising standards.
  • Avoiding discrimination.
  • Using celebrities to promote products and services.
  • Handling unsuitable posts and negative comments in a practical and pragmatic way.