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Website Legal Services

Website Legal Compliance

Whether you are running an ecommerce or brochure site, social network or blog, any website visited by a UK or EU citizen needs to have:

  • Terms of use
  • A privacy policy
  • A cookies schedule
More Than a Legal Requirement

At Digital Law website compliance is more than a legal requirement. It’s a way of ensuring total transparency between you and visitors to your website. We’ll help you put all of these in place in plain English – with robust, straightforward and jargon-free advice.

Protect Your Business and Customers

The more traffic you have going through your website the more important it is to have governance like this in place – to protect your business as well as the rights of your potential customers when they visit your site.

Website Small Print Package

We offer a website small print package to give governance for both SMEs and large corporates. This includes terms of use, a privacy policy and a cookies schedule, which are the three essential elements for making sure your website terms are watertight and up to date.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use are essential to limit the liability of your website. They make it clear who you are on your website, what you are responsible for and whether anything you say should be taken as professional advice or opinion. To be watertight they need to be specific to your business, the activity on your site and the countries you operate in.

Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy provides clarity around the handling of personal data – that’s data from users which has been collected, stored, processed, transmitted or deleted through your website. It is also needed to comply with GDPR and detail how users can avail themselves of the rights afforded to them by GDPR such as the right to be forgotten and the right to access their data..


European law requires that you list all cookies which are collecting data on your website. These might be analytics cookies collecting information about users such as their location and the pages they are visiting through to third party cookies that collect more detailed user data.

E-commerce Compliance

If your main source of income is through your website, making sure that it is ecommerce compliant for the markets where you operate is a must. We provide legal advice for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

Getting Compliance Right

Getting compliance right when you set up your site, means that you’ll be able to provide a seamless service to your customers while protecting your rights and theirs – wherever you operate in the world.

An Extension of Your Terms of Use

We consider ecommerce compliance as an extension of your Terms of Use. It gives you peace of mind that the correct mechanisms are in place for the sale and supply of your products or services. It covers returns, cancellations, variations, or any other disputes with the aim of coming to a satisfactory resolution for everyone involved.