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Software Licensing Services

Software End User LicenSe Agreements

When it comes to clicking accept on a piece of software, a software end-user license agreement protects you and your users by setting out liability on both sides. This might be for a mobile or tablet app; a system or a more complex piece of bespoke software for a corporate business.

Designed Around Your Business

We make sure that your agreement is designed around your business, its activities, the laws in your country and the countries that your customers are based in.

Prevent Costly Major Issues

An accurate, up-to-date licence means you have a framework in place to prevent a minor problem becoming a costly, major issue.

Software Licensing

We offer corporate advice for clients around software licensing and negotiating contract terms with third parties – this could be for a mobile app or game that uses open source software or that relates to a brand being used under license such as from a movie or TV show.

Intellectual Property Rights

We review contracts and draw up agreements over licensing and other intellectual property rights.

Protect and Maintain at Every Stage

These will detail how the relationship will work between you and any other third party – all this to ensure we protect and maintain your rights at every stage.