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Our focus on all things digital leaves a lot to define in what we do still – below we break this down into 6 areas that form our core activities.

However, should you have any questions on anything digital, then contact us and we’ll inform you promptly and succinctly to your query.




Data Protection & Cyber Security

The big current question – will you be ready for the new European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into effect  from May 25 2018?

The mechanisms to comply with this legislation include (but not limited to):

  • Mandatory reporting of data breaches within 72 hours
  • The end of customer bulk consent (i.e. “tick this box to consent”)
  • Binding corporate rules and model data transfer clauses for cross-border data transactions

DigitalLawUK provide an array of expertise to help your company prepare for this, most notably our GDPR & Cyber Security Assessment report, which includes a comprehensive traffic-light system against 51 elements of a business that can provide vulnerabilities to your digital assets, as well as a comprehensive description of the risks for each of those assets, and the steps needed to take to resolve them.


Are you selling products internationally? Considering to set up an overseas office? Or perhaps needing to comply with oversea regulations for future business?

We work with clients in assisting them achieve legal and regulatory compliance across the UK, EU, US, Middle East and Asia – and can provide assistance and (where necessary) contacts to help you achieve your needs on this.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

Does your organisation comply with a freedom of information code on a statutory or voluntary basis? Have you received FOI requests and are worried that you might not be complying with the law? Perhaps you’d like to outsource your FOI requests to a company who are proven in this area?

We handle FOI requests on behalf of clients, so that we can maintain accordance with FOI compliance without increasing the workload of our client’s resources.

Social Media Law

Getting unhelpful  comments on Trip Advisor? Are your commercial products being photographed and displayed on a website or blog without permission? Is someone else copying large parts of your site or brand? Or are you receiving comments or posts on social media that are harmful to your business or your staff individually?

A social media policy limits your liability as well as limiting your exposure to surveillance from hackers  online – let us know if you’re Social Media plays an important effect on your business.


Website Small Print

Every website need to consider the following – whether a new website, or a revision (which can be influenced from the change of the business/website/environment dimension), a website must provide the following;

  1. Website Terms of Use (Best Practice accordance)
  2. Cookie Policy (EU Privacy & Communications Directive of 2012)
  3. Privacy Policy (Data Protection Act 1998)

Additional documentation available for website users must be considered for any e-commerce activity on your site.

Whereas many companies will use boilerplate language – DigitalLawUK will always write the content pertinent to your needs, and in the language that suits your brand.  So whether you need advice on revision work, or want to discuss a new website/business – get in touch and we will advise the best steps.

Staff Training

Companies must always keep their staff aware of the ongoing risks – from identifying scam emails that redirect client funds into criminal-based bank accounts, to mitigating the risk factors that enable lost or corrupted data, both from accidental and an intentional scenarios.

DigitalLawUK work with companies in training staff on-site in an interactive-environment to help make company data-policies practical for them to carry out in their day-to-day capacity, while identifying the current trends of data & cyber risks to businesses to help make staff better in policing rogue or accidental behaviour against a company’s data assets.