The Client Promise

At DigitalLawUK, we hold ourselves to 5-core standards, that define our approach, commitment and quality to the work we provide.  These 5 commitments are for you, as a client to hold and judge us upon beyond the final product, and in such, to give confidence that your needs and help at the centre of all our actions.


Our 5 Cores

  1. We prefer to provide our clients with fixed fees rather than hourly rates, so fixed fees are normally quoted to clients. As complexities in requirements rise, so does the probability of hourly-rates, however we will always endeavour for fixed-rates where possible, for your benefit.
  2. Based in the North of England, it hasn’t stopped us working in Scotland to the south of England, and from Las Vegas across to Dubai. We provide the same service to our clients wherever they are online, using secure video conferencing or meeting in person when appropriate.
  3. We are a law firm so all of your communications with us are protected by legal professional privilege and confidential between you and us – another great reason why it is always best to use a law firm.
  4. We are bound by our professional standards to maintain your confidentiality and will never disclose to anyone that you are one of our clients unless expressly authorised by you to do so in writing.
  5. We are experts in Digital Law. If you need advice on another area of law, be it anything from Employment HR issues to a merger or acquisition or property, we will put you in touch with a trusted legal specialist in that field who will be able to give you similarly high quality advice.


To enquire further about this, feel free to contact us via our contact us page.