Meet the Team

DigitalLawUK was founded in 2014, by Peter Wright, whose experience with working on cases around Digital Law showed to him that there was a significant gap in the market in providing the technical and cultural knowledge to clients.


Peter Wright, Managing Director


 Peter Wright is the founder and Managing Director of DigitalLawUK.

Peter Wright is a Solicitor and one of the UK’s  leading experts in Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Social Media Law. Prior to opening DigitalLawUK in 2014, Peter Wright advised HM Government on Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act matters. He is presently Chair of the Law Society’s Technology & Law Reference Group and is the Law Society Council Member for Yorkshire.

Dr Heather Anson, Consultant


Dr Heather Anson has worked with DigitalLawUK from the early days and has provided a wealth of multi-jurisdiction experience to our clients.

Dr Anson is our multi-skilled Legal Consultant. As a US Qualified Attorney with over a decade of experience running her own law firm in Arizona. Her speciality legal areas include corporate, regulatory matters and contracts. These skills have translated well to this firm, particularly when dealing with a wide range of clients and client needs coupled with the fast  evolving  area of Digital Law.


Julie Roberts, Office Manager


Julie joined the DigitalLawUK team in 2017. Her remit is to assist with the day to day running of both the law firm and the separate training and compliance business, DLUK Evaluate Ltd. She was specifically selected for her ability to add value by being able to bridge the divide between law and business.

As a sales and marketing professional, Julie understands the importance and opportunity around GDPR. She’s also got a passion for Blockchain and smart contracts. She’s worked previously as a global software marketing executive and has a keen interest in emerging technologies.